Continuing the journey south – Dominica here we come.

Everything was feeling like a tale of two halves, in the Virgin islands we’d had what felt like so much drama, followed by the unrelenting hours of putting everything you can into the boat without really enjoying the many benefits there are to living on board, then there was Saint Martin where we felt like … Read more

Curacao to Dominican Republic

January started out rather simple, the kids continued with their routine, schoolwork in the mornings and then boat maintenance in the afternoons. The new macerator had arrived which once again meant we had to brace ourselves for the pressure release of the black tank, luckily we had gotten our heads a little more around what … Read more

December 2021

December is always a fun time of the year, we always get to start it with our Princess’s birthday. This year Paige turned 14 and to say we were a little worried may have been an understatement, a teenager with no access to her friends and nothing social planned could have been an absolute recipe for disaster, luckily for … Read more

November 2021

It started off like a holiday as we were staying in an apartment, had not yet received the keys for the boat and were still getting used to the heat. At over 30 degrees during the day and not dropping below 27 at night it was a big change to what we were used to, … Read more

04 November 2021 – Day 2

H is for HOT!!!!! Written by Crewmate Paige This morning the two youngest crewmates, Hope and Maisie really wanted to wake up and watch a beautiful sunrise but sadly failed to wake themselves up in time, it was still a very pretty blue sky. Before making plans for today we had to wait to see … Read more

03 November 2021 – Day 1

What have we bought…. Written by Captain Simon (Dad) We woke up early with a list of jobs to get done, top of the list was to sort out a hire car, as without one we were pretty much stranded. A quick call to the owner of the villa and the problem was sorted with … Read more

02 November 2021 – Day 0

D-Day Written by Captain Simon (Dad) The day has finally arrived, after over a year in planning we are saying goodbye to the life we know. After a crazy few days of cleaning, stressing, doubting ourselves its time to board the plane and get and start this adventure. We were a little worried about travelling … Read more