02 November 2021 – Day 0


Written by Captain Simon (Dad)

The day has finally arrived, after over a year in planning we are saying goodbye to the life we know. After a crazy few days of cleaning, stressing, doubting ourselves its time to board the plane and get and start this adventure.

We were a little worried about travelling as a family for the first time during COVID, added onto this the 200KGs of luggage that we need to haul from Netherlands to Curacao and the unknown of what we were about to do, to say we were anxious was an understatement. As a family I would say we are good travelers, we have always tried to show the kids that there is a big world out there. But today is very different, with every trip before we would head off for a few weeks at a time, with the safety net that we would be returning to our home and belongings…. not this time. We needn’t of worried, check-in, customs, COVID checks was pretty painless and we sailed through and boarded our TUI flight to Curacao.

Once landed and had our documents checked for the umpteenth time, we made our way to our AirbBnB  that would be our home  for the next week. One small hiccup with the hire car, I.e we didn’t have one even though we booked one, was quickly sorted with a short taxi ride, but left another task for tomorrow.

The villa is just perfect, great location, great host and CHEAP. And with just enough hours in the day for a quick beer on the porch with Sara and time to reflect on the day and chat about what lays ahead.

Through the last few weeks one thing has become very clear, that I’m one very lucky man. Sara and the girls are so resilient it amazes me. This was always my dream, but they hopped on-board and trusted me enough to allow us to go on this adventure. Even through the stresses and argument (there has been a few), Sara has showed yet again what a strong women she is, a true inspiration to the the girls.

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  1. What a fab start to a blog xxx looking forward to hearing soo much more about your amazing adventures and some if the reality of days at sea…..

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